Special Items

The term Special glass refers to a wide range of technical glasses with highly different chemical compositions which are aimed at very different markets. Special glasses use highly different furnaces and manufacturing procedures. Nevertheless, they share all or part of the following features:

High Cost Manufactured Goods

Due to costly raw materials, complex manufacturing processes and the high quality standards for the finished products, the goods manufactured have extremely high value.

Production Complexity and Diversity

Special glasses are subject to highly restrictive specifications. The temperature levels reached during manufacturing are higher than for other glasses, and electric fusion is more widespread. Furnaces vary greatly in size, in design, in heating methods, temperatures and types of glass manufactured. Glassmakers keep their techniques and know-how quite confidential.

Technological Progress

In a market where international competition stimulates constant innovation, the glassmaker requires technological progress in order to stay ahead. New technology is the key to his competitiveness and originality.

Types of Special Items


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MFGI provides you the facility of different glass patterns such as stain glass, toughened glass, etching glass, aluminium doors , and all other textures. MFGI provides fantastic set up to property owners, designers and contractors in Kanpur and other areas of India.

We design,manufacture and deliver decorative glass panels and designs for windows and doors to any home or business center,restaurant in the kanpur and various other cities.We create all decorative glass designs in house and all other sites in single glazed and double glazed. We provide amazing decorative glass panels using stain glass,toughened safety glass,etching glass,laminated glass or even energy saving glass. Our company also provide service of aluminium fabrication and structral glazing that conforms to all building,shops,restaurant and safety regulation.